About Us

Gwen and Billie (rescued in 2016)


Buddy's Angels Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue, founded in 2016 after our beloved Jack Russel Terrier, Buddy, passed away.  He was loving, smart, intelligent, and had so much life in him! After he passed, we realized the desperate need for these amazing dogs who need loving homes. 

For our most up-to-date information, please visit our Instagram page : @BuddysAngelsRescue 

501(c)3, Tax ID:  81-1191702 



We pull code-red dogs from So-Cal kill shelters. We also take in homeless dogs off the street. We also help people re-home their dogs so that they don't end up in the shelter system. 

As of recently in 2019, Buddy's Angels has been raising donations and helping fund other 501(c)3 organizations for medical expenses. We love and encourage rescues to pull senior or expensive medical cases from the shelter - knowing we will help financially.